A Few Things I Wished Existed (That Probably Do in Japan)

#1. At-home-plastic surgery kit (for beginners)

#2. “Telepathetic Powers and How to Get Them: A Guide”

#3. Face Transmitter (Slogan: “Don’t like your face? Get a new one!)

#4. A perfume that seduces only rich/attractive/good men and repeals jerks/pervs/creepy men

#5. Sugardaddieslookingforunattrativelazygoodfornothings.com

#6. An app that allows you to text book characters (i’d probably just use it to text Shannon McFarland and Cecilia Lisbon)

#7. A yoga class that made you super flexible with just one session

#8. Matches that light up different color flames

#9. Soap that made you smell like flowers forever

You guys are smart, get to inventing these things!

What is something you wished existed?
May 29th, 2014 at 06:14am