I Have a Message for You. A Request. Actually I Am Begging at This Point.

Hello Mibba I come to you as humble member on my knees begging. I have released the first chapter of what I consider to be my magnum opus for the Warhammer 40K universe, Lamenters Rising. All I ask is that readers of the site please give it a try even though 99.999999999% of you will probably not like it due to the content. I just want my vision to at least be seen.

In other news, the college semester has ended and I got a job at my local Wal-Mart in Columbia. I also am on my own for the first time living in my first apartment! Life is pretty good. Also pray for my friend who is undergoing massive surgery on Monday. In this procedure, they will insert wires into her heart and burn all faulty nerves with electricity while she is awake. The reason she is awake is that they will have to induce a palpitation lasting as long as the surgery takes (2-3 hours). A life threatening palpitation is usually around 45 minutes so this is a huge deal and quite painful. On top of that, she has a bleeding disorder that will complicate the procedure due to the fact that they are going through the main arteries to do this. So yeah. Also listen to this brilliant piece of music.
May 31st, 2014 at 06:15am