Kiss Log.21 (Angela’s and Bucci’s)

WHEN: 28 MAY 14

I was almost sober when 360 and his friends got to angelas at 11:05 p.m. after 11, the security guards stop letting people in so i went outside to see him and we all hopped the fence to get back inside. this was pretty stupid, i ended up with a couple cuts and bruises as well as a thoroughly fucked shirt

Shortly afterward, angelas mom began kicking people out and 360 drove me and some of his other friends to morgan’s house where they smoked for about an hour. i was getting bored here i’m always so soso sooo so awkward around his friends. They never do anything but smoke

Eventually 360 and i went back to his house where we watched freaks and geeks and fucked twice. we stayed up talking,smoking cigarettes until my friend picked me up at 5:30. i cant tell you how much i like talking to him so late at night. We talked about 180 and babies and school and New york. he told me about his relationship with Juliette. I got to know him so much better this week. i dont like everything about him but I dont know, i think overall i might like him a lot. Maybe im forcing it though

WHEN: 30 MAY 14

the beginning of this night was super fun,I got drunk and at first, only briefly hung out with 360, so theres not a lot to say about this part. I ended up hanging out with some other friends and Boy more, which i really missed. i’d barely seen him since Greece

For almost an hour, 360 and i slipped away from the party. we walked for a block or 2,i was already feeling tired here, so we both sat down to lie on the pavement. We kissed 2 or 3 times, really short kisses. i liked him so much here; we talked for a really long time until 12, when the police showed up to the party. im pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever seen 360 and we didnt have sex
May 31st, 2014 at 03:24pm