Life Update

So.... The last part of life I remember telling you all about is prom and working on CDA, right?

Well...I GRADUATED! (Twice. From Tech, and then High school). I spent most of high school graduation resisting the urge to turn around and smack Jordon and Nate. God those kids are annoying. Graduation was full of flying inflatables. Including a gigantic alligator that was smuggled in. The supervisors did not seem happy, though I did see the principal smile once. ((The entire school board probably thought there was something seriously wrong with us.))

Uhm. I have spent one full day at home since Graduation. That was the sunday afterday. Cause Graduation night I went to Prestons(That nightt was crazy. Its fun being the only sober one.) I came home that Saturday about 2 in the afternoon. Then Monday I left for a party with Kota. (After the people who had to leave early left, I was the only sober one again. It makes life really fun.) We played murderer, pissed off the guys neighbours, and I made a new friend I already kind of knew. I also had to hug a stranger. I didn't enjoy it. Then we stayed tuesday night at kotas. she worked the next day, so i spent my time there alone. I got a call from a daycare asking me about my CDA process. then an hour later my friend who works there called me, handed the phone to the director and they asked if I could be there immediately. So. I went through a mad rush to hurry and get there. And the past three days of work have been hectic, plus I had court on Thursday. They dropped the ticket from the wreck!! but no, work has been such a mess, I've worked 17 hours, and I still don't know how much I'm getting paid. Lololol.

I think that may be everything. I have my CDA exam tomorrow. I work like, two hours, leave, and drive an hour to take a test... Yay! And I'm supposed to be making a lesson plan, for my kids... But I haven't really gotten there.... God I'm not ready for this.

Anyway! How has your life been?
June 1st, 2014 at 03:33pm