Things I Find Attractive in Guys.

Most of these are going to be physical bc let's face it I could care less about personality at my age (that's a lie but) :- )

Long hair
Really long. Mid-back long. It just does stuff to me okay. Long hair is so so attractive and when there's a guy that can pull it off... Yes.

Or androgyny idk. Feminine guys are yes to me. Cross-dressing guys are YES to me. Guys in make up are SWEET JESUS to me.

Offensive funny
I love offensive humour. It's great. If a guy can pull off offensive humour props to him please marry me. I think humour is important to me because I'm one of those people where if I find something really funny I will start crying and shaking. It's horrible, actually.

Good at cooking
Because I sure as hell ain't. It's not even that I'm not; I don't like cooking. So I find it so great and so amazing when people like to cook and can do it well. It makes me happy somehow????

Likes animals
Especially reptiles because reptiles are adorable and cute. I really like guys that like animals idk. I think it's cute. Plus I like animals so it works out :- )

Cares about fashion
You know considering I want to be a fashion designer and all. I just like guys who are nicely dressed. I don't mean a suit and tie nice. Street fashion is so so attractive, if pulled off correctly. But not even street fashion. Just someone who cares about how they look and what they wear.

Idk if these made sense but whatEVS.
June 2nd, 2014 at 10:11am