Calling All Mothers...

It may just be from overworrying (there's still the rest of June before I really need to be worried.) But I've been worried about the possibility of being pregnant. So I was wondering about your personal feelings and symptoms during the early months of pregnancy.

If you'd rather not learn too much about me, then I suggest you stop reading. Otherwise...

Obviously the pregnancy scare means I'm having sex. But, the issue aligns more in the fact that my sex life is a bit excessive and we haven't used condoms since we began to have sex again. {I've only had sex with one person.}
He doesn't....yaknow. during sex. But it is still semirisky.
I had my last period in April. But there's still a minute chance of pregnancy from then, because we had sex the 4th, and by the time I got home on the 5th, I had already started.
I didnt have one in May. And they've skipped before, so that's not a huge deal... but since I've been having sex, I worry more. But I was also under a lot of stress at the ttime so that's a possible reason for it skipping.
In may, we had sex six times. One of which he'd been drinking. We're pretty sure he didn't yeah but he's not 100%.
Then Saturday, {{and this shows how pathetic we are} even though we know about the pregnancy concerns and all} we had sex 4 times.

Where the symptoms come in:::
I've had weird stomach pains randomly since midMay. Sunday, I think it was because of me drinking too much water, cause it was kind of like weird sloshy feelings. But Friday, it was a sharp pain, and there's been random harsh cramping feelings.

I haven really had any other symptoms, that I know of.
So, during the first two months of pregnancy, what kind of symptoms did you have?
June 10th, 2014 at 05:24am