Writing Partner, Anyone?

Would anyone like to help motivate me to write? Lately, I've had so many ideas for novels and stories that I would love to write... but actually sitting down and writing it out? That's a different story. So I'd just absolutely love someone to kind of partner with - you help motivate me and let me share my ideas with you, and I'll do the same in turn. Could be nice if we became friends along the way, of course.

Really what I'm looking for is someone who can give me feedback on my ideas, tell me what sounds interesting and what doesn't, etc. If you're good at world-building... even better.

I'd prefer it if you write original fiction, but there are some fandoms I particularly like as well, just ask me if you aren't sure. Most of my stories are fantasy, though I have a couple that are science fiction and even one or two that are light modern day romances: but again, most are indeed fantasy.

If you're interested, either leave me a comment on this journal or PM me. We could talk over Mibba or an instant messaging program like Yahoo MSN, though I would prefer to talk over text messages. If you live in a country other than the US and have a smart phone, we can talk over Kik or some other kind of cross-country messaging app in place of texts.

Thank you in advanced to everyone who might be interested!

Edit: Forgot to mention: I'm not sure who originally had this idea first, but I borrowed it from cola frank.
June 10th, 2014 at 09:46am