I Haven't Really Been on Here Much, Huh?

Man idk. I was counting down the days until Kazuki's departure from Royz and then before I knew it, he'd left. Obviously I was sad, but it was the kind of sad where I couldn't cry or sob or anything. I felt empty and my chest hurt and idk. I've been a fan of Royz for god knows how long, and of course Kazuki had to leave if it was for such a personal reason, but I still feel empty. I can't help it, y'know?

But yeah, other than that, I started my job. It's pretty fun and I think I'm getting the hang of it all. There were two others who started the same time I did, and they're ok I guess, idk. I haven't talked to them much.

I've been meaning to update SHJ and 100WHS and Seven, but I haven't been up to it, y'know? I'm on holidays soon, so I guess I'll make up for my lil hiatus then?

Also, Made finally gave me my bday present 3 months late today. Guess what it was.


I'll tell you.

A fucking Royz cd.


gg made gg.
June 13th, 2014 at 10:57am