Survey. Feel Free to Replicate It.

1. If you were caught cheating, would you fess up?
I wouldn't cheat.

2. The last time you felt honestly broken?
Towards the end of 2013.

3. Are you craving something?
Yes. Pizza, and for people to be less emotional

4. If you could have one thing right now what would it be?
The answers to my dilemmas.

5. Would you rather have ten kids, or none?

6. What do you hear right now?
A ticking clock. A cat pawing at the window. My mother on the phone.

7. Is your bed against more than one of your walls?
My bed is against three walls. I have a very small room.

8. What’s on your mind right now?
Colleges, moving out, degree programs, future at large.

9. Are you there for your friends?

10. Last person to see you cry?
My mom.

11. What do you do when you get nervous?
Stamper, blush, avoid eye contact, leave the room, bite my nails?

12. Be honest, do you like people in general?
Eh, I don't dislike people in general, I just don't like them. I suppose I'm fairly neutral, but with noteable exceptions.

13. How old do you think you will be when you finally have kids?
I won't be having kids.

14. Does anyone completely understand you?
I don't believe so, no. A couple of people come close, though.

15. Do you have a reason to smile right now?
I'm going to finally see the new X-Men, Monday?

16. Has anyone told you they don’t ever wanna lose you?
My brother, once.

17. Would you be happier if life had a rewind button?
I think I would rather push on and learn to value the information I've gleaned from screwing things up in the past.

18. Do you tell your mum or dad everything?
I tell my mom everything that seems relevent to tell a person. I'm not much of a talker.

19. Does it matter to you if your boyfriend or girlfriend smokes?
I generally prefer for people in my life not to smoke, I don't dislike people if they do, I just hate everything smelling like stale smoke.

20. Are you going to get hurt anytime soon by someone?
If we could accurately forsee something like that, I doubt we would walk around as wounded as we do.

21. This time last year, can you remember who you liked?
I didn't. Like anyone I mean.

22. Do you think more about the past, present, or future?
The future.

23. How many hours of sleep do you get a night?
Around 5 or 6 on average.

24. Are you easy to get along with?
I think so. It's not difficult to treat people with respect.

25. Do you hate the last girl you had a conversation with?

26. What was the last drink that you put in your mouth?

27. What size bed do you have?

28. Do you start the water before you get in the shower or when you get in?
Before? I don't relish the thought of stepping under an ice cold spray of water, thank you very much.

29. Do you like the rain?
My opinion changes on a case by case basis.

30. Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
It's possible.

31. Have you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn’t do?
"I will not eat that last cookie"

32. Would people refer to you as a goodie goodie, bad news, or neither?
I wouldn't classify myself as either.

33. Who were you last in the car with, besides family?
My brother's girlfriend.

34. What’s the last movie you saw in theaters and with who?
The Wolverine, and with two of my brothers, and my brother's girlfriend.

35. Have you ever kissed someone who had a boyfriend/ girlfriend?
No, and I wouldn't.

36. Have you ever been hurt by someone you never thought would hurt you?
I'm not sure that I've classified people by "could hurt me/wouldn't hurt me" so, no?

37. Your parents are out of town. Would you throw a massive party?
Dude, when my mom is out of town, I watch movies, study, and read. Maybe go for walks. So, no.

38. Do you regret a past relationship?
I don't have "past relationships".

39. Would you rather spend a Friday night at a concert or a crazy party?
Concert. Why do people like parties?

40. Do you tend to fall for the same type of person over and over?
I don't think I've fallen for anyone yet.

41. Have you made a joke about somebody that made them cry?
Yell, yes; cry, no.

42. Do you care too much about your appearance?
No, I'm a weird mix of particular and neglectful.

43. Are you a jealous person?

44. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?
The week before last I bought a couple shirts?

45. Do you miss anyone?
Yeah, a couple.

46. Last person who made you cry?
People don't make me cry so much as situations, unless you go by a distributive property, in which case... my mom?

47. Does your ex piss you off?
*snort* I don't have an ex!

48. What are you doing tomorrow?
Studying, studying... may watch a movie tomorrow night.

49. Are you the type of person who has a new boyfriend/ girlfriend every week?
Obviously not.

50. Is there anyone you want to come see you?

51. Have you ever been cheated on?
I've never been in a "cheatable" situation, so no.

52. Ever given your all to someone who walked away?
Tried to "give my all", he walked away. We both probably failed there.

53. Do you like cotton candy?

54. Who was the last person you had a serious conversation with?
I tend towards serious conversations, so... my mom or brother?

55. Are you planning to get knocked up or knock someone up by age 17?
What, seriously? I'm going on 20, I think it's safe to say no.

56. Do you have siblings?
Yep. Five of them!

57. Have you ever fallen asleep on someone?
Embarrassingly enough, yes.

58. How has the past week been for you?
Meh. I've actually be in a low-level sulk this whole week, and trying to hide a sulk is stressful.

59. Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to?
Yep, most everyone I consider myself close to is of the opposite sex.

60. What’s on your mind right now?
"God, I sound like a loser"

61. What were you doing at midnight last night?
Either playing Mario Kart, or listening to The Smiths.

62. What is your current mood?
Like I can't suffer fools lightly.

63. Who was the first person you talked to today?
My mom? I make the morning coffee.

64. Will this week be a good one?
I'm hoping so.

65. Anything happen to you within the past month that made you really happy?
I found that a college I'm considering has an ev psy course. I'm stupidly happy about that.

66. Who were you with last night?
Mario, Luigi, and Morrissey. No, sorry, I was alone.

67. Did you talk to someone until you fell asleep last night?

68. Next time you will kiss someone?
No idea. When?

69. Who should start the kiss, the girl or the boy?
Does it matter? Do gay and lesbian couples have this problem, I wonder?

70. Do you have any plans for the weekend?
Movies. Study. Video games. Study. Study. Study.
June 14th, 2014 at 03:19am