I Stole the Stolen That Was Previously Double Stolen.

TEN things you wish you could say to TEN people right now:
1. I love you.
2. I love being around you, you just make me feel amazing. But it's never going to be an us. And we know it... And I'm still going to win again one day. That was totally your hairs fault.
3. Have fun with your stalkers!
4. How'd getting a tattoo go? Did you still get it?
5. There may be a slight problem in my life....
6. Gimme the remote oldman, no one likes John Wayne anymore.
7. Whythefuck even tell me I'd make 9$ if I have to work there 90 days first. And Hello. Summer job.
8. Go away?
9. I'm sorry for everything. I've treated you terribly. And while you deserved most of it. It still isn't right to do that.
10. You're a total sweetheart. But it kind of seems like you're in love with me. And you have a girlfriend. So it's weird.

NINE things about yourself:
1. I have a lot of issues in life.
2. I may poor choices.
3. Therefore the past few months I've spent in a semiconstant pregnancy scare.
4. I'm a pathetic mess.
5. I'm a overly hopeless romantic.
6. I hate everything.
7. I'm constantly in fear of losing my best friend.
8. I'm supposed to leave for college in two months... And I feel like I'm not going to be able to do it.
9. I suck a bowling... Like... suck at bowling.

EIGHT things you look for in a boy:
1. Humor.
2. Adorableness factor.
3. Eyes.(I'm a sucker for blue eyes.)
4. Personality.
5. Male anatomy typically helps them be a boy.
6. Elbows. It's what separates them from lesbians.
7. Blood. That's handy.
8. Water on the Knee, Funny bone, Charley horse, Writers Cramp, Wish bone, Brain freeze.

SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot:
1. Ow. Why does my Tummy hurt.
2. Did my text send?
3. Why are these kids so annoying?
4. How is college going to work out?
5. Has anyone looked at my Mibba stuff? No. Probably not. -check- Yep.. Nothing.
7. How am I supposed to save money if I'm working very little for minimum wage.. Instead of my 40 hours for 9$ an hour.

SIX things you do before you fall asleep:
1. Text. Alot.
2. Check mibba.
3. Send Night texts only to continue replying.(It's my way of letting them know not to be mad if I stop replying.)
4. Fix my pillows. Body pillow by fan. Tag at feet, on bottom. Double stuffed pillow by bedframe, at head level.
5. Fight with my sheet.
6. Overly check everything I can.

FIVE people who mean a lot at the moment:
3. Kota.
4. My mom.
5. Temporary figment of my imagination.

FOUR things you really enjoy doing:
1. Random writing ideas.
2. Doodling.
3. reading.
4. procrastinating getting out of bed.

THREE things you absolutely hate:
1. Pain.
2. My word processory thing. (It hates me. SO I have to number by myself.
3. 10 things about you?

TWO places you want to go to:
1.Abu dhabi. Sounds supercool.
2.Uhm.............. I've always wanted to go to South Carolina for some reason....

ONE thing you are afraid of:
1. Losing everything.


About Me Survey



Rainbow. Ri'n.

Aren't you like. Not supposed to ask a lady that? (its 17. but still. Principle of the thing.)

No thanks. I'm not into you like that....
-answers call- Oh, it means gender. Oh... Well. Female.



Hair colour?
Brown. Ranges from dark to light.

Hair style?
It's typically up. But it goes to my waist. Typically straight or semicurled.

Is it dyed?
It's been highlighted. And theres still teeny amounts left.

Eye colour?
Hazel? It goes back and forth from green to brown.

Wear glasses or contacts?
Neither. Though I do wear sunglasses made to go over glasses. (I jack them from my stepdad when driving.)

Wear eyeliner?


Lip stick?

Lip gloss?


False eyelashes?
Ew no.

Do you think your pretty?
… Ikeep misreading this as petty. So. Yes. To both.

Why not? Selfconfidence wrapped in no selfconfidence.

5' 3 3/4”

Again. Pretty sure you're not supposed to be asking a female this. I'm not going to answer another rude question.


Favourite shop?
Uhm. Homeland?

Shoe type?
I have nifty memory foam soled everlast shoes. So theres that.

Clothing label?
I have a lot of Gilden. And Scrubs.

What are you wearing right now?
Way oversized male tank top jersey. Purple shorts.

Any piercings?
I used to have perceived ears. Then my right one kept bleeding. So I took them out.

When did you get them?
About 9 years ago. I was 9 and 3 days...

Want any?


Want any?
Yes. A memory one for my sister.

Are you wearing a necklace right now?

A bracelet?

A ring?

Are you interested in fashion?


Favourite book?
I'm not really sure.... I read a lot...

What book are you reading at the moment?
I haven't read since we had to read wuthering heights.

Who's your favourite author?
None in particular.

What's your favourite story genre?
I like things about the holocaust. so. Historical fiction?

Favourite film?
Sound of Music-Wizard of Oz-Matilda.

Any film you want to see?
No? Idk. I don't paytoo much attention to stuff like that.

Favourite actor?
Hm... Idk. The acting kind.

What about actress?
Same as above.

Ever starred in a movie?
I could have.... Well. Been in one. Two movies were filmed around here. Still mad about August Osage County. CAUSED THEY DESTROYED THE ATTIC FOR ONE FUCKING SCENE!

Favourite film genre?
Er.. Fantasy?

Favourite TV programme?
I watch a lot of MTV and degrassi. But I currently cant watch the new one. Cause I need to see the first of the season.

Ever been on TV?
No. My brother has. My mom has. She narrowly missed being on the news. Goodness.

What channel do you watch most?
Idk. I change the channel a lot.

What do you secretly watch?
I used to secretly watch the L word. Then I lost netflix access.


Favourite band/singer?
Idk. I like music?

Who inspires you?
Uhm. Inspirational people?

What lyrics are your favourite at the moment?
No clue.

What are you listening to right now?
Old John Wayne movie credits?

Play an instrument?
The flute.

Because I chose to In 6th grade.

Anyone inspire you to?

How long have you been playing it?
6 years ish?


Hair colour?

Hair style?
Typically not to short/The only girl I've really liked has short hair. And she spikes a mohawk.. But its super attractive when itsdown.

Eye colour?
Blue/I think her eyes are blue or greeen...

Glasses or contacts?
Doesn't matter/DM.

Wear make-up?
He can all he wants./It's their life.

I've dated anyway from my height to 6'./Most girls are still taller.

Above 0.00

Personality or looks?
Both. More personality than looks.

Skinny or muscly?
Muscly? But not like. The rock. Gross./ uhm. Does it really matter? Girls are gross skinny and muscly.

Love or lust?

Shy or outgoing?

Rebel or Jock?

Cowboy or Gangster?
Ohdef gangster.


What five things could you reach right now?
1. My cup I still haven't refilled with Tea after an hour.
2.My phone.
3.My Crunchy granola bars.
4.The keyboard obviously.
5. I can touch the fanbehind me... OOH! MY FANCY MUG OWL.

Is anyone in the room with you?
My stepdad. My dog. Probably my other one. Possibly the car. She may have gone outside though

What are you eating?

What are you drinking?

What time is it?

Are you on a laptop or a desktop computer?
Desktop. I don't have a laptop. I was gonna use job money for that.. But... Well....

Are you on MSN right now?

Are you speaking binary.

I have it. Yes.

I believe I have made one....

How are you feeling right now?
Bored. Frustrated. Tired.

Did you like this survey?
It took like an hour...So... Eh.
June 14th, 2014 at 05:40pm