Hey | Fancy Seeing Me Here

So I haven't like updated or anything and I'm really sorry but tomorrow(or later today I guess) is my first day off in five days and I promise I'll get some writing done. Ugh.

I wouldn't even feel right complaining about work right now. I feel like I've abandoned you guys. I'm sorry! I still love all of you!

So my best friend's boyfriend dumped her pretty hard and when I'm not working, like during the daytime hours, I've been with her. It's probably a good thing because I haven't been able to go beat him up (haha I'm like only 20% joking). I wrote a pair of poems about it, one from each of their perspectives. I'd link them but I'm on my phone.

Anyway because my heart refuses to realize like my head does that I'm gross and no one will ever love me romantically (not to mention anyone who gets there will probably want sex and I'll be like oops asexual) there's a new boy. Of course, we're friends. No one could ever predict how that's going to end. Ugh.

I have to be up in like four hours for church so goodnight.

Until next time, love you all very much!
June 15th, 2014 at 07:52am