I Adopted a Chicken

My best friend has chickens right so pretty much I gave her dad 5 bucks and adopted a chick from him. His name is Nugget and he's black with a patch of white. I don't have any pictures yet but he's cute. I let my niece name him so that's why his name is Nugget. I did not enjoy him and the other 100 chickens last night peeping at us as we snuck into the house at 4am to pee (drunk, of course).

Yesterday was my best friend's birthday which meant alcohol. We camped out on her trampoline and she sat in her driveway and cried about wanting pickles. There was a DJ and they played Shots by LMFAO and we hardcore grinded on each other and did Karaoke to Teenage Dirtbag and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Together we drank 2 bottles of rum and 2 bottles of vodka plus a jar of moonshine grapes and a moonshine blueberries and neither of us woke up with a headache this morning but she didn't remember much.

it was fun and I'm being summoned by my chicken goodbye.
June 16th, 2014 at 07:36am