Puke's Fanmix.2


reminds you of your favorite season/day/month:
White winter hymnal_fleet foxes

despite the fact it has "Winter" in its title, fleet foxes always reminds me of summertime and strawberries and bike riding (even though I've yet to learn to ride a bike lol)

you prefer to listen to at night:
Leif erikson_interpol

With a suuuuper few exceptions,i listen to Interpol pretty exclusively at night. this song especially is associated with *crying in bed at 3 in the morning while YouTubing videos of Interpol live*

reminds you of someone you care about:
Christmas treat_julian casablancas OR anything by passion pit

I remember playing christmas treat for Boy a couple days before xmas, and we listened to it a lot thru our trip to Greece. then when i went to see Julian live 2 weeks ago, Boy texted me saying "Christmas time is here" haha

makes you feel like flying:
Do You realize??_the flaming lips

I was on molly when i heard this song live, which i imagine, is the closest i’ve been to flying haha. it was one of the best shows I’d ever seen

makes you feel like falling: (in love?)
Where is my mind?_pixies

Because of the fight club scene where they’re holding hands and the buildings fall

you listen to when you’re sad:
My heart goes bum bum bum_flatsound

one song that you’ve fallen in love with recently because of the lyrics:
Sowing season_brand new

one instrumental song that you love:

you want to hear live:
I think any song by hot chip would shoot me in the eye. wrestlers especially b/c it’s been my favorite for a while now

is about something you love:
Let Me DRiVE_riff raff

The thing i love is riff raff. riff raff is the thing i love

makes you want to run until you’re some place very far away:
If i ever feel better_phoenix

three songs that always bring a vivid image of something to your mind:
i. Mykonos_fleet foxes >> vodka, sunsets, and white and blue buildings
ii. Barely legal_the strokes >> Sweat, discomfort, then relief when the strokes walked on stage
iii. I need some sleep_eels >> Cat allergies, cigarettes,and a couch

bonus: a song that you want to share with your followers:
All the rage back home_interpol

Okay it isnt even out yet haha but they played it at governor’s ball and its been stuck in my head for days now. i can’t wait for their new album
June 19th, 2014 at 07:05pm