Gamer Slang (Yeah, I Went There).

Yep, I had to join in this latest trend. Everyone has pretty much got the different regions covered, but us gamers have some little slang and terms of our own.

Some are easy in my opinion, but some are hard. I mostly just included the ones I'm most familiar with. It's separated into different categories to make it a little bit easier, so you can try out one or all of them.

I'll offer some prizes as well.

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ PRIZES
Okay, I'm too lazy to create an entire system, but for every four you get right, I'll recommend three things of yours or give you one comment.



GAMES: these are some pretty popular acronyms (imo) for the title of some well-known games.
1. LoL
2. WoW
3. GTA
4. LoZ
5. CoD
6. TS3 (just had to throw this one in)


PLATFORMS: gaming consoles (this category is too easy).
1. GCN
2. GBA
3. N64
4. PS3 (or PS2, PS4...)
5. 360


TERMS: assorted mix of terms!
1. AFK >> Sorry, I was AFK.
2. bot (mostly in regards to League of Legends) >> I call bot.
3. MLG >> Dude, she's so MLG.
4. camper / camping >> He's over there camping! / There's a camper over there.
5. MMO >> MMOs are my favorite!
6. A.I. >> The AI in this game is so bad.
7. PvP >> Why is PvP off?
8. NPC >> Look at the way that NPC is just standing there.
9. ragdoll >> it's a verb, i.e. to ragdoll
10. XP >> Look at all this XP I'm picking up!
11. OP >> Oh come on, that character is so OP.
12. cheap >> That was a really cheap move.
13. Aggro >> it's a verb, Why is he aggro'd on me?
14. Spawn >> You can't build at spawn.
15. Grind >> I'll grind for that later.
16. Sandbox >> Minecraft is a sandbox game.
17. GG >> *someone dies and types in chat* GG.
18. FPS >> FPS games are my favorite.

And that's all I can think of for right now. Image I'll post the answers later.

*hopes someone actually plays this little slang game and doesn't think I'm a total nerd*
June 19th, 2014 at 10:04pm