Hi, Nice to Meet You.

I have listened to one song repeatedly for two days straight, which means that I fixate.
I am nursing my third cup of coffee in preparation for a fourth, this means I have a crutch.
The lyrics to the song stuck on repeat for two days are resting in my lap, this means that despite how often I've heard the song, I have not been present enough to listen. This means I'm lost in my head.

I'm sitting here in my house alone, in Marvel pants and a knot in my back, angry and half in love with the world.
How beautiful the kind of chaos that can exist here. How disgusting that we're able to lay around listening to music when someone else is being shot at, or pulling a trigger, or having a birthday.
How gorgeous is this world? And every single person here that I can bring myself to hate a little, and the too few whom I can bring myself to love a little, they are all such perfect, complicated machines.
I'm watching brains directing their bodies to dance hideously to music other brains are playing to amuse themselves, and I'm here, another brain with a smartphone with nothing better to do.
How disturbing is this world, with so much to be done, and nothing to do?
June 21st, 2014 at 06:49am