Kiss Log.24 (Kyla's Party)

WHEN: 19 JUN 14
WHERE: 360’s

At 11 he picked me up and i slept over at his house with my parents’ permission for the first time. we smoked cigarettes on his balcony where we saw a woman trying to fix a flat tire. 360 went downstairs to help her while i smoked and played with his cat

then we watched Trailer park boys in bed and had sex twice. He smoked weed but i didnt. i just played with his cat some more lol (Im allergic so i always have to wash my hands afterward)

he fell asleep before I did. i woke up at around 7, kissing him and rolling over him and bugging him in general for an hour until he finally got out of bed

After he drove me home, we texted about the Donnie darko soundtrack and his new job where he sells knives (but he just quit today lol)

WHEN: 20 JUN 14

Later that nite, i saw him again at kylas party. I was drunk and he was high and i saw him at the beginning of the night, but didnt say hi until an hour or 2 later. b/c whenever i talk to him at a party I end up staying with him the entire time

Eventually, when we did run into each other, we walked to the front porch sitting and talking for half an hour. we talked about bad hook ups and how Ive only slept with 2 people. i dont remember anything else really, and then Kyla invited us inside her house where we lost each other

I walked around the block with bobby, talking about Boy. bobby who had a crush on Boy is convinced Boy isnt a good person. idk what to think. Boy has always been good to me but ive seen him be a jerk before. talking to Bobby always puts me in a bad mood

At some point in the night, i made out with gabby. she’s leaving to Germany for 4 weeks this wednesday

i found 360 again, and we sat on some steps and talked for a longer time. I talked about what i assume wud happen after i start my senior year of high school and he starts college. realistically, i don’t think it could last after the summer. I dont know what he thinks;he never tells me anything. I dont think he agrees with me though. we aren’t hooking up with other people anymore and I think he might like me more than i like him. He kissed me and i pulled on his leg hair but he still wouldn’t tell me what he thinks haha. He pinched me back and then the cops showed up to the house and told us to leave. he kissed me good bye

Hes just shy i think. i don’t understand why he would be considering he knows pretty much exactly where I stand. Idk how i want to spend the next 2 months. the fact I know its not going to last past August does make a difference. but idk i think it’s up to him what happens
June 21st, 2014 at 08:51pm