Looking to Roleplay

I'm looking to join some roleplaying forums on Mibba. I'm new to roleplaying, though, so I'm really not sure where to start looking. Honestly, the thought of roleplaying kind of scares me a bit, as it requires me stepping out of my comfort zone a little; but regardless, it is something I'd like to do.

So, I'd appreciate it if you lovely Mibbians would please recommend some role-playing threads around on Mibba (or even off of Mibba, if you know of any good ones), and maybe some tips and tricks as to how to start roleplaying as well. :) As I said before, I've never actually participated in a RP before, so I can't actually tell you what kind of plot or people I'd like to do it with - but something that's original fiction and not fandom-based would be great.

Thank you in advanced to everyone who leaves suggestions/comments!
June 29th, 2014 at 10:38am