June Write-a-Thon Achievement and Mibbian of the Week

June was a hectic month for me since I wanted to do a good thing for the June Write-a-Thon. In the last month I participated in the May activities and ended up gaining a rank of Ink Slinger. To be honest, my goal for this month's activity was to get the rank of Literary Genius by writing 50,000+ words. Sadly, I didn't get to that point, but I am happy that at least I did my most major effort and wrote a total of 47,494 words. I created new stories. I updated those that I already had and created poems. I'm happy with the outcome. I need a little break because all that writing made me a bit exhausted. It was fun and I loved it. I've never participated in anything like it so I enjoyed it. Ghostwriter is the next best thing so I am excited that I reached those points. I've never participated in NanoWriMo, and I think I want to do that this year. This activity was kinda like a practice for it, even though it was different.

I'm going to be around Mibba but I won't be updating my stories for at least a few days until I can put my mind at rest. No worries though, my stories will not suffer since I am not taking a hiatus. I am just taking a few days rest of writing.

In another note, I got elected as Mibbian of the Week which is awesome. I love Mibba. I love to be a writer and I love to write here. Thanks for the person who made that happen. Also, thanks to everyone who had supported me because without you I wouldn't be writing or posting. You are all my inspiration.And last but not least, special thanks to the following people who are very special to me.

Theo Rossi;
Matthew Sanders;

Thanks and love always, RP xD

I'm going to bed now. Have a goodnight!
July 1st, 2014 at 06:46am