Kiss Log.26

WHEN: 27 JUN 14
WHERE: 360’s

I got to his house at around 11, i dont really remember much else. I think i know most everything about him. we have sex twice,hold hands and smoke cigarettes. he kisses me on my neck before i fall asleep

WHEN: 28 JUN 14
WHERE: 360’s

We both woke up at around 9,and his mom came in to say hi. i think she likes me!! we stayed in bed for a few hours before going to his dad’s house to get more sleeeep

Again we had sex and then another time. its very easy to be around him now. I’m beginning to like him a lot more than id ever thought i would. its nice to be with somebody you don’t have to hold back around

We havent been together during the day in a super long time. Until 4:30 p.m. we were in bed

WHEN: 30 JUN 14
WHERE: 360’s

He thinks its funny that i like to surprise choke him or bend his fingers back or pinch his face. i hug him from behind and he kisses me all the time. All the time!! he kisses me before we have sex and he kisses me on my shoulder and fingers in the morning

During sex i bite down on his fingers and he pulls my hair. we watched a little bit of american psycho and talked for a long time. he took an hour to get out of bed. he drove me home at 9, we kissed goodbye
July 2nd, 2014 at 01:20am