The Moment in Which It All Becomes Clear.

The fact that I could've possibly fucked up one of my greatest friendships hasn't left my mind in the past few days. She says we're still friends and I believe her I'm just being so clingy I feel. I need to chill but I just I can't get over the fact that what if we never hang out again??? I'm trying so hard not to be worried about this but never getting a response to my texts and shit is upsetting, the fact that someone I used to be friends with could be feeding her lies about me like what the fuck.

The thought that I'm never gonna be at her house again. Blue walls. Nice color inside, like mahogany flooring and her room yo it smells really nice and she's got this baller picture of like the NYC skyline or view from a building and a lil couch and like a shitton of stuffed animals and axolotls c: and it smells nice and i always feel really comfortable and the fact that i may or may not be able to hang ot with her upsets the shit out of me no matter how hard i try to not worry about it.
July 3rd, 2014 at 07:12am