Kiss Log.27 (4th of July)

Because of mibba’s capitalization rules i got deactivated for 2 days so thaaaattts neeeeaaat. Anyway,

WHERE: 360’s

I came over to his house, it was boring. it feels like it happened a long time ago, too but idk why. We smoked weed at morgans house and when we got back, i was super sleepy. I hate having sex high

We had sex again before taking a 20 min nap. he took me home at around 3. Dont have a lot to say about this night


Last nite, he picked me up from tiffanys house (where im staying for two weeks),after he got off from work. We were with morgan and taylor (morgans gf), planning on going to mika’s party. It was already pretty late, like close to midnight,so the party was over before we came

We found all our friends on a corner down the street where we stayed for about half an hour before taking morgan/taylor home. At morgans house, 360 and morgan smoked a joint

Then me and him left and went to vaso briefly. There were only like 2 of my friends there and a lot of old people, so we went back to his house earlier than expected, around 1:45

We watched sunny in Philadelphia and had sex twice. he holds my wrists down and pulls my hair hard

then we talked about food we like and don’t like, and our friends. I do this thing where i threaten to roll off the bed and he has to keep me from falling. We kiss each other a lot and all over, and pinch each other and i bit him on the chest. he makes me smile without doing anything. Sometimes i open my eyes and he’s already smiling at me, too, for no reason. we’re so so happy now it drives me crazy

Then on the way back to tiffanys, at 4:30 we tried to get mcflurries. did you know Mcdonalds already serves the breakfast menu at 4:30 a.m? its bonkers i tell u

He tried to kiss me good bye and i pulled away,teasing him. but we kissed for real and then I managed to sneak back inside without getting in trouble
July 6th, 2014 at 12:32am