Pug Whispering as a Pastime

Guys. Guys. Guys!

It happened again.

I became best friends with another pug. Luckily this time he didn’t need to be rescued. But I was sitting on my computer bombarding my husband with pictures of Chris Evans for no reason other than I wanted an excuse to bombard him with pictures of Chris Evans. And then my dad texted me a picture of a pug.

I responded by screaming.

The pug was upstairs at his girlfriend’s house. So I ran out of the house without shoes and went to meet the pug.


His name is Piglet. And he’s super cute and friendly. He snorts a lot like a pig, his eyes go off in different directions (which is my favorite pug feature), and he likes to chase lasers like a cat.

You guys. He chased… a laser… like a cat.

It was the greatest thing EVER.

So I stayed with him for like an hour and we bonded and became best friends. And then I had to go home. But he was super sweet and I just feel like there is some weird sort of spiritual power at work and it’s telling me that I need to have a pug.

I NEED a pug, guys.

I already have his name picked out. It’s Queequeg.

I want my Queequeg. The universe wants me to have my Queequeg. Queequeg is in my cards.

I have now written three different blogs on the subject of various pugs I have found and become friends with. This is the fourth pug.

Seriously, universe, I acknowledge your signs. Bring me my Queequeg.
July 6th, 2014 at 06:57am