The Worst Muse

Oh my gosh, I am dying. There is a new account on Twitter that might possibly be the best thing ever. This twitter account is @WorstMuse and it is perfect. Basically, it's exactly what the name says. Some genius behind a computer screen gives advice as if they were the worst muse ever, and it ends in hilarity. I don't know why someone did think of this sooner.

I love writing. I love satirical things. The combination of both of these is like a dream come true. The account only has roughly 20 tweets right now, but I'm hoping it continues because it seriously brightened my day.

It's just the blatant sarcasm mixed with the fact that you can tell this account only stemmed from one reader's annoyances with the writing world that makes this perfect. I like to imagine that the account creator is a editor at a publishing company who has to deal with these crazy things all day long.

Anyway, I'll share with you a few of my favorite tweets now.

@WorstMuse: If a character has curves, make sure to specify that they are in all the right places. Otherwise, readers will be confused.

@WorstMuse: That "said" looks awfully lonely. Maybe you should give it an adverb friend. Maybe you should give them ALL adverb friends.

@WorstMuse: Have you mentioned in this chapter that your protagonist is not like other girls? You should make sure to do that.

@WorstMuse: It'd go over great if your narrator looked in the mirror and compared their own eyes to a really specific body of water.
July 16th, 2014 at 05:28am