I have a lot to say.

Like, I have many things to say in many regards to things. I'm an opinionated person, but that does not stop me from taking in other people's opinions because, truth be told, I'm not a whiney little bitch.

Like can people PLEASE stop being afraid to express their opinions? Who gives an honest fuck if someone disagrees with you and wants to get nasty? Cause it surely ain't worth my time.

I wanna talk about race.
And feminism.
And weight issues.
And every and anything else that gets on my mind.

But either everyone is so turned off by all the rules to say anything, or are leaving. If you wanna do either, then fine, be my guess. But you know what, I am SICK of holding my virtual tongue. Call me what you will, but from here on out I'm gonna say whatever the hell I want to when I want to.

I'm so done and so over it. I don't care if I break a rule for talking about the things I'm passionate about on a site where people come on to be, oh my gosh, creative.

Or is that dead on here?

Oh well. This is my "warning" I guess.
July 22nd, 2014 at 09:44pm