50 Shades of Shadows?

HA! What if there was a store that just sold lamp shades and they named it, "50 Shades?!" I would crack up! Seriously. Now onto what I have to say about the new "Fifty Shades of Grey," movie trailer. There are parts of this blog containing M. Shadows so if you want to see that, scroll to the bottom and ignore the rest.

Note: Any belittling comments that pertain to my interest in the books or film will be ignored completely. I don't expect any of you to like the books or film but I won't feel bad or stupid for liking them. Thank you.

There's always been speculation about the books, the crudeness of them and the author herself being "shady" (LOL see what I did there) but I'm not gonna sit here and say all the things that were flawed in the books and series. I do feel like the book was placed into the wrong genre and falsely represented but whatever. That's not my problem because I didn't write it or publish it.

Moving on. While the book did give a really distorted view of the BDSM world and misrepresented it in a way, I still think the books were good to show writers what NOT to make your erotic stories like, if that makes sense? It's kind of a guideline to show you what to steer clear of if you're trying to write a serious erotic story.

Even if the plot was sketchy, it had a Mary sue and Christian was demented in all the wrong ways, it inspired me and challenged me to want to write something better than the series. Honestly, I heard all sorts of horrible things from people who had read the book before I actually read it myself and what I was disappointed with most was, (aside from the negative abuse aspects), I felt the sex scenes were too......I dunno....mild for my taste.

In your mind, when you get a book that is listed to have BDSM in it, you think "oh man, there's gonna be some hard core sex scenes in this shit!" Then you read the books and I was like.....waiting for it to get really dark. I just remember sitting there thinking, Well, I must be demented because I have much more vivid sexual fantasies than this.

Hell I've read Fan Fiction smut scenes that were better and more descriptive. But beside the point. I watched the trailer today and here's what I think about it.

One of the best things I liked about the story was Christian's character in the beginning. He's this sexy guy in a suit most of the time. He's got this powerful reputation and demeanor about him. And Ana had felt that sexual magnetism from him. You can tell that's going to come across in the beginning of the movie from what I saw in the trailer.

Now the story could have had potential from there IF Ana hadn't been so Mary suish and self conscious. I'm not a rich person myself, nor do I have fancy, expensive clothes, but I'll be damned if I let a bunch of rich folk make me feel inferior or that I'm not worthy of breathing their air.

I would have been a bit embarrassed if I were her because of how sexy he was, not about the richness. Money doesn't matter to me when looking for someone to be sexual with or romantic with because I go after their personality and not their wallet. (not judging you if you're a gold digger lol!) Moving on.....the story goes south when Ana didn't have a back bone. She let Christian railroad her many times and make her feel......ashamed, inferior and worthless. She shouldn't have just taken his abuse. And he wouldn't have been that horrible of a character if he didn't actually abuse her.

In the real world of BDSM, a lot of the relationships are about trust and not centered on abuse. There are limits and those shouldn't be crossed just for the sake of beating someone physically because they just like to be abusive. It's supposed to be about pleasure, trust and pain.....but controlled pain that is controlled by BOTH parties willingly and trustingly. Sigh. I could talk about this all day and I can see why people from the BDSM community were outraged about the movie.

However, like the Twilight series, while these stories were flawed in their own ways, I stilled watched them and enjoyed some parts. My life was not ruined because I watched them because I have sense to know they were fictional and I didn't let them influence my life in a negative way.

I got giddy off the trailer because of the first meeting scene and what not. It's hard to explain. I like what Christian COULD have been. So in my mind, I imagine the type of guy he could have been who was a much better Dom than he was, and it gives me inspiration and challenges me to write a better story in my own way. Honestly, the damn trailer gave me feels because I have a story I'd planned to include some BDSM action of my own in and while what I write will be entirely different from Fifty Shades, it got me excited and gave me a mental boost of motivation to work on the story I've left sitting there.

I'm not really huge on the male actor playing Christian. His face is just ALL wrong. It's hard for me to see him as sexy at all. I would have much rather imagined Charlie Hunnam's fine ass representing Christian but I can't have everything. I'll just imagine it's M. Shadows or Synyster Gates LMAO. The Ana actress was okay. Kind of plain but I guess that's what her role is supposed to be(lol). I'm probably gonna see the movie just to see how they transformed it from the book. I don't care if I'm horrible for that. I don't ridicule anyone else for what they like to read or watch so I would hope I could expect the same.

Now to lighten this blog up a bit with sexiness.....Just imagine this guy right here............


Wearing this..........


Or this............


And holding these..........


MY OVARIES WOULD BE BLOWN THE FUCK OUT OKAY? Gosh.......I would melt on the spot before he even touched me LOL.
July 24th, 2014 at 11:20pm