Real Talk.

You know that moment where you know you're doing something shitty but you just keep doing it?

Yep. That was me. Five years ago, I did some serious shitty shit. I mean, I could have stopped. But it just kept going, ya know?

♪ All eyes on me when I walk in,
No question that this girl's 10 ♪

Five years ago, I catfished someone. Yep, that was cool to me then. I posted some fake ass picture some emo chick. I thought I was hot shit.

I was so wrong.

♪ My walk, my talk, the way I drip
It's not my fault so please don't trip ♪

It all started with a picture. I mean, I was cool. I had blue hair, I looked all good and what the hell ever. But, I started making friends. And then the lies of my other lies started coming.

I made up some crap that I was pregnant....with twins. Like why? I have no idea.

I mean, my pregnancy wasn't even logical.

But...then I met a guy. That meant I wasn't just catfishing friends anymore, I was catfishing a stupid guy. Even worse? I fell in love with him....

So how could I just keep lying and telling him who I was? Well, I just kept it up. I never thought anyone would accept me. It was all bullshit.

Luckily, I got dumped. I was basically depressed and he was depressed...and we brought eachother down, I guess. He wanted to change for the better...but I didn't.

♪ All eyes on me when I walk in,
No question that this girl's a 10
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful ♪

It was a pretty painful experience. The sad part is....I didn't change and tell everyone for awhile...but eventually, I made that happen. They forgave me. Well, most of them.

The sad thing is, I never really got to tell the guy I was all in love with and such. I mean, a lot of people don't think you can fall in love on the internet....anyways. So who knows?


I found him this year. I got to tell him who I really am. ^-^ I mean, we aren't talking anymore. But he was totally cool about it. It offered a lot of closure, so that's always good. I no longer am left wondering....

If any of you have had a similar experience:


I'd love to hear them.
July 27th, 2014 at 07:23am