Dear Teenagers...

Dear Teenagers who Can't Wait to Be Adults So You Can Do Whatever You Want,

I am so, so sorry for the disappointment you will face in a few years.

Look, I'm not saying it's all bad. You can go buy a container of chocolate frosting and eat it for dinner at 2:00am and no one can tell you no. And you know how you're constantly telling your parents that there's no point in making your bed if you're just gonna sleep in it and mess it up? No worries about that either. If you forget to do the dishes for a week straight you won't face consequences (aside from a mountain of dishes to wash when you realize you have nothing clean to eat off of). And no one will care but you if your kitchen floor hasn't been mopped in a month. It's nice.

But you also have to do things like property taxes and thank-you notes and job applications and resumes and trying to control the electric bill because during the summer when you need the AC running it almost fucking triples and putting gas in the car and you don't actually have TIME to go out and "do whatever you want" because you're working 40 to 50 hours a week and you and your friends all have different schedules so you never see each other and yet still sometimes you end up with $22 to stretch a whole week until payday and that's got to cover gas and any grocery odds and ends you end up needing and odds are you're going to skip lunch a few days because food is fucking EXPENSIVE, did you know that?

I'm not saying I wish I could be a teenager again, because I do love eating chocolate frosting for dinner at 2:00am. But don't be too eager to get to "do whatever you want" because you'd be surprised how fucking restricting adulthood is. >.>

Maybe I should just start looking forward to retirement. Having my mortgage paid off, getting a pension check without having to work, actually having TIME for things...

With my luck I'll end up at a shitty job that doesn't give a pension and more broke then than I am now.

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July 31st, 2014 at 09:15pm