Story Plans

So, I have a lot going on when it comes to writing. And I mean A LOT. I have so many stories in different processes of writing it's not even funny. So I thought I would make a blog about it because, well, why the heck not?

Summer Vacation
I am working on the last chapters of this story. I mean, I even have more than 1,000 words written for the next chapter but I am still not done with it. I want the ending to be perfect.

An Untitled Koli
I am working on (and have been since the beginning of this year) a chaptered Koli that's a bit different from my usual. A bit supernatural, a bit emotional, and a hell of a lot darker than I usually write in my opinion. The subject discussed is one that is very sensitive towards me and I want to portray it correctly. I think the reason I haven't posted any of what I have written yet is because I am nervous of what people will think. Usually my stories are pretty focused on the romance aspect, wheras this one has other themes.

Another Smutty Koli One-Shot
When am I not working on one of those?!?

Chaptered Belliott
I have this one completely planned out in my head - if only I could get myself to WRITE IT.

Sequel / Prologue to Are You Kidding Me?
I'm trying to figure out what is gonna happen.

A couple of original stories
Sometimes when I am just screwing around they come out. So I dunno if I will ever post them - but they are fun to work on in my "free time".

So I have a lot of work to do. Maybe I should get to it...

And as usual - I am going to end this blog with a pretty picture.


Until next time.

- Leah
August 2nd, 2014 at 02:44pm