Pilfered Survey 2.0 + Readers Will Be Tagged.

Once again pilfered from SmilingScarlet

1.My grandpa once: Sang songs from his youth, and sometimes they get stuck in my head, even though he died before he could sing them to me. Spookily enough "Jeepers Creepers" is one of those songs.

2.Never in my life have I: Been intoxicated. I'm a highly unusual case subject that actually thinks sobriety is, dare I say it? Sexy.

3. When I was younger, I: Was unrestrained. Nothing shouldn't or couldn't be explored, I didn't know the meaning of compromise.

4.High school was: A source of mystery to me, since I was home schooled.

5.When I'm nervous: I bite my nails, tap my thigh, and do this weird "wave" motion with my arm.

6.The last time I really cried was: Maybe early this year.

7.If I were to get married right now: It would most likely be to either a) give someone citizenship in this country, or b) receive citizenship in another country.

8.My hair is: Auburn and I guess wavy, and ridiculously thick. I don't worry about male pattern baldness, I encourage it.

9.My feet are: Very long, and very boney.

10.When I was 5: I was obsessed with Picasso and grasshoppers, and the way everything was more interesting if held beneath my microscope.

11.Last Christmas: Was a nonevent I hardly remember.

12.When I turn my head left: I see my cat Mystik sleeping in a rocking chair.

13.When I turn my head right: I see my cup of coffee. ::coffee:

14.My life is not complete without: Curiosity. Honestly, if there were not curious, proactive people in this world I couldn't survive it.

15.By this time next year: I'll be in college, and living on my own.

16.I have a hard time understanding: Willfull ignorance, prejudice, and entitlement.

17.One time at a family gathering: It somehow came out that I owned panda footy-pajamas, my brother made me put them on, and everyone whipped out their phones to snap pictures.

18.Take my advice: It's of no use to myself.

19.My ideal breakfast is: A cup of coffee and a muffin or scone.

20.If you visit my hometown: You will be surrounded by grasslands, and wonder if it constitutes as a "town".

21.My friends are: Very few, but I believe worthwhile and interesting people.

22.If you spend the night at my house: You may end up sharing my bed, for there is a severe lack of room.

23.I would stop my wedding if: I had reason to believe that it was adviceable. Also, me? Wedding? Ha!

24.The world could do without: Intollerence, greed, and irrationality.

25.I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: Compromise my ethics.

26.The most recent thing I've bought myself is: A few books; Ulyses, A Seperate Peace, and a German phrase book.

27.And, by the way: I still wish I had a little brother.

28.Every birthday: I feel like I should be more exciting, but all I ever want to do is lay in the sun, and avoid people.

29.In the past I shouldn't have been: So stubborn when others were trying to talk to me.

30.Once, at a bar/club: I saw my favorite musician play a concert. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

31.Last night, I: Ate too much pizza, and canned tuna while listening to Springsteen, and then to celebrate nothing exploding I watched a movie.

32.If I didn't have any obligations tomorrow: I would read all day.

33.A better name for me would be: Something other than Woods.

34.In the last 6 months: Nearly everything has changed, and I'm both happy and terrified.

35.If I ever go back to school: I will get a masters in Psychology.

36.I bet you didn't know: That pill bugs are crustaceans with gills that filter the water from the air. They have a giant sized water-dwelling counterpart called the giant isopod
You're welcome.

37.I am: Entirely too fond of insects, bugs and things of that ilk.

38.I read: Mostly classic literature, or science publications in the fields of psychology, socialogy, gentics, and physics.

39.I regret: All of the times I have procrastinated, and any time I was too scared to be honest.

40.Tag 3 people to take this survey: If you've read it, consider yourself thoroughly tagged.
August 10th, 2014 at 02:48am