She Rants: Racism

Who is one a role with these blog post this week?!?

This bitch.

Okay, I feel like my 'Black Boy Danger' blog didn't come off as detailed as I wanted it to be.

So, let's try again.

Black boys aren't the only ones dying at a rapid rate in America.

We can not forget our women and trans* folk.

They need the same amount of protection, if not more.

But the blog isn't just about that.

Let's talk about race.

When you think of racism, what do you see?

White hoods? Old men? Racial slurs?

You're right, that's racism, but it's more than that.

Racism is systematic.

It starts with something so simple and small as stereotyping and jokes and ends with something as big as racial genocide.

And at this very moment, we're seeing both ends of that spectrum in this world.

I refuse to be silent when my existence is being consistently questioned and threatened.

And you (as in you reading this right now), shouldn't either.

Because when you're silent, you automatically take the side of the oppressor.

I'm tired. I'm really just so tired.

And even just saying that you're tiresome.

Cause you talk about it, you put action towards it, you try to be nice and pray and hope for change.

And what happens?

Exactly, nothing.

Like many black women across this country are starting to refuse to give birth to black children.

That's called a reproductive justice issue, by the way.

Let me repeat, racial issues in this country has become so serious black women are refusing to produce black children.


And, sidebar, if they do I wouldn't be surprised if they sat there and prayed for the kid to pass the paper bag test with type 3 hair. So even if they are black, they have light skin privilege.

I can also talk about colorism, but I'll save that for another time.

What I'm trying to say if please educate yourselves about your privilege and the way PoC are being treated right now. Get angry.

It's bigger than us being whitewashed.
It's bigger than us being deemed as 'ratchet' and 'ghetto'.

It's our lives.

And I'm so mad and I won't shut up cause I just can't allow myself to.
August 12th, 2014 at 10:20pm