People 18 and Older: Please Help Me!

So, I've been having this internal conflict about life and what I should be doing with it. (Um, what's new?)

Basically, I'm turning 18 very soon, but I honestly feel like I'm still 14. I don't do much of anything besides being on my laptop or laying in bed. I should be hanging out with friends or experiencing life, but all I do is waste away. I want to be independent, like having my own car, making my own money and other things "adults" do, but then I see posts on here and on tumblr that are all like: "Ugh, I why did I ever think being adult was a good idea??? All I do is CRY! I feel bad for anyone who thought this was going to be fun!" and I'm like, "Well, what the hell do I have to look forward to?"

I'm trying to keep this brief, so I'll just get to my question: How do you feel about being an adult? Do you think you truly become an "adult"?, And finally do you have any helpful advice for me?

Thanks for the help.

-Sophia Image
August 21st, 2014 at 12:31pm