Places to Visit and Why + Pictures

It's good to dream, right?
I've spent this last year pouring over every detail of my future plans, how to navigate college, how to break into my career, what direction I want to take my career, backup plans, further education. It's been stressful.
I plan to dedicate my life to work. For science!
Dare to judge?

So getting my mind off of all that, I'm just doing a fun journal about the places I want to go, the things I want to see (no matter how strange), and yeah. Enjoy, or not.

Galápagos Islands
That looks tropically idealic, but the real reason for my going there would be along a far geekier line of thought.
Charles Darwin went to the Galápagos during his voyage on the SS Beagle, and it was there that he collected specimins which would eventually formulate and solidify his theory of Evolution through means of Natural Selection.
I want to see that. I want to be were it all more or less started for him.
Also, I want to see these guys
And these guys
Also, to bare witness to this.
Yep. Nerd.

Moving on to... The Outer Hebrides of the Northwest coast of Scotland
This particular photograph is of the Garenin Black House Village on the Isle of Lewis, and those houses are actually available for rent.
Also on the Isle of Lewis are the Callanish standing stones:
Lewis is not the only island I want to visit, I also want to see the Isle of Skye, Harris, and Hegg.
For instance, this is on Hegg:

So yeah... a couple places I want to go, and a couple things I want to see.
August 21st, 2014 at 09:38pm