So college has gone down the drain for me. The college has yet to receive my transcripts and I move there Wednesday, and until they get my paperwork I have to pay out of pocket. That's almost $2,000 a month that I don't have. I'll have to pull out of college and either start somewhere else in the winter semester or find something else to do with my life. Problem is I'm useless at all the things I love to do. Useless as a person, really. That's what the anxiety and depression feels like. Like I'm always going to be useless and eventually no one will love me because I can't do anything I'm expected to or dream of doing. Being put down constantly isn't helping it either. I can't talk to anyone in my life because I can't stop thinking that none of them care. Does anyone have any advice or just words to help? It hurts being like this.
August 22nd, 2014 at 09:06am