PoC Faceclaim Masterpost 2.0

Hey y'all!

3 months and some change ago I made a POC Faceclaim Masterpost at the height of being sick and tired of seeing the same people in everyone's stories. (Including myself)

Fast forward to now, I have to say I am proud of all of you. A lot more diversity is being seen within the stories on this site and I thought, well, why not make another one?

This time I'm doing it with a little twist. Instead of just doing guys and gals I thought why not...wait for it...


So, yeah. Let's get started. These are all just suggested couples, you do not have to follow the pairing if you do not want to.

Mix and match or add and subtract as much as you want.

Don Benjamin & Chantel Jeffries

Manish Dayal & me Andrea Ellsworth

Tanaya Henry & Kat Pasion

Victor Ross & Alexander Masson (yay for mixed babies!)

Adam Pu & Naressa Valdez

Angelo Page & Rochelle Jordan

Aiden Choi & Ashley Liberty

Ying Hua & Andrew Moore

Matt Addison & Neelam Johal

And that's all I can think of right now.

Wow. The Vmas really distracted me as I made this. (Among other things)

So, yeah. Hope you enjoy!
August 25th, 2014 at 04:19am