New Old User Name || Co-Writes || Just Saying Hi!

Hello Mibba World,

I missed my old username and when a friend of mine texted me yesterday using my old name I thought, why in the world did I ever change it. The first answer being because I had it for 5 years and the other being maybe I didn't want to be a nightmare... But nope, I'm quite fond of being a nightmare, it suits me since I only sleep when I'm so tired I can't hold my eyes open anymore.

Okay, for the next part of my blog today... I was wary of doing co-writes at first. I mean, are our style going to mesh well? Will I like writing with a person? So far I have agreed to 4 co-writes 2 of which are with my best friend, and I know they are being really slowly written, but that's because one of the 2 of us (aka her) is really busy right now. My other two co-writes are not yet available on Mibba yet but are equally close to my heart because they are amazing stories.

Lunacy (with Rachel aka Endportal Kitten) is up, and going very slow but it is going. It's hard to make 3 little girls as creepy as we like Mackenzie, Reagan, and Jocelyn to be. They are all in an asylum because they have either tried to commit or have committed or helped commit unspeakable crimes. Go read the story to find out more about those very insane and creepy little girls.

Star Keeper Is a story I originally started as a solo story, but Rachel read it, like where I was going, and decided to help me edit it. It's about a werewolf tribe who, every 500 years, go in search of the falling star that the Keeper sends them for prosperity and luck. The star stays with the wolf that finds her until it is time for her to choose to come home or stay as a human... But what happens when the problem child finds a star and the golden boy does too?

Heart & Soul (with the wonderful Vampire's_Addiction) We want to finish the whole story before we post just so we won't be tempted to change our plot line every time we turn around. It's about a soul stealing vampire named Nick. He steals the soul of a witch named Annika who in turn goes after him to get her soul back. They make a deal, he will return her soul if she helps him find his heart, but so much more happens on their journey to his heart and her soul.

And the latest co-write that I've agreed to is probably one of my favorite stories (sorry I have to be vague because I can't name just one favorite.) It's called Underestimate Me (it's a working title that we're seriously considering keeping.) The amazing Alex Moore invited me in on this wonderful story. I don't want to give too much info about it because I'm bad about giving away secrets, but it is about a rebel group of women ran by Josselyn and they are fighting against this village ran by Elrik and his two sons, Rowen and Merek. So look out for this story to find out why Josselyn decided to be the leader of a rebel group.

Alright, all that being said... I really just wanted to say hi. I feel like I haven't posted anything significant in such a long time. Oh well, that's all. :) Thanks for reading.

~ Lady Nikki Nightmare
August 27th, 2014 at 08:22pm