God's Not Dead

It was actually very good movie. This year has been one of those years. A year where I've lost a lot, I mean since 2008 it seems that I could do was lose things. I lost my mom, my uncles, my grandma, my dog, and then the beginning of the year I lost my home. Yet, the past few years those things have only strengthened my bond with God.

I read an amazing book last year called The Shack which helped me feel more comfortable with being who I am and believing in Christ. I also watched the movie Heaven is For Real when it came out, another good movie. I just think this one - God's Not Dead - is a bit better. A college student is forced into a debate with his philosophy teacher who is not only atheist but an anti-theist. It wasn't good enough for him to just not believe, he wanted EVERYONE to not believe as well. Well... for college freshman, Josh, that just couldn't be. He was a Christian and so he fought it.

Wasn't just about them, there were more people struggling with their faith and how it could not only affect them but how their friends think of them and how their parents.

There were some pretty good points. "Why does evil exist?"/"Why do bad people get good things?" etc. But more importantly, I loved the last little argument, "how can you hate someone who doesn't exist?"

I could easily hate God. I've lost so much, so to some people I should hate God. I can't. He loves me and I him. I'm not afraid to tell people, yes I do believe in the giant fairy in the sky. Yes, bad things have happened in his name. But no, he's not an all-mighty evil tyrant.

He gives us so much. Waking up and seeing a roof, under covers, beautiful stars that twinkle at night. just so much we take for granted so when He doesn't answer one prayer people think He was never there or never cared. But I don't believe that He doesn't care about me. And I'm sorry, but I can't let other people make my relationship with Him falter. We all see and experience things differently.

It was hard not to cry all-throughout that movie, there were just so many feelz. I just... loved the movie and all the stories behind the movie - and I would recommend it to people. It's worth the check out.
August 29th, 2014 at 10:51pm