Advice Wanted || Comment for Comment on Two New Stories

Hi Mibba!

I need some advice. I have this story called Death Becomes You, you can read more about it below, and I can't decide what the best time to update it is. I want to do weekly updates but I'm not sure about what day. I know a lot of this depends on what the story is about, but I don't want to give too much away about why I don't want to post on Sundays other than the fact that one of the main characters is basically Death. Anyways, what day would you guys post if you were writing Death Becomes You?


SO I want to tell you, lovely readers, about two stories. I am willing to offer comment swaps and recommendations if I like your stories if you comment and possibly recommend these two.

--> is an original co-write between the lovely [url=]Alex Moore. and I. It is set in medieval times and is about a group of veiled rebels fighting against The Head of the village who is a tyrant. Josselyn, our heroine in the story, is seeking vengeance against those who wronged her, and when a unknowing search party travels her way they never see her coming when she gets her chance to take justice.

~Please leave us lots of comments on it. It will Be updated weekly around 4 pm EST on Fridays.

Death Becomes You: It's about this girl Lane Davenport and a strange man that only she sees when someone dies. She doesn't know why she sees him or how she does either, but there's something about him that makes her want to know more. Her curiosity overwhelms her anger for a while until something happens, until someone close to her dies and she can't contain it any longer. She wants answers and she is determined to get them from this stranger with lightening in his eyes no matter how many times his face changes. But will he give into her anger?

~I will love you forever if you leave me feedback on this. It will be updated weekly too, just not sure which day yet. Either Saturday or Sunday possibly. We'll see.
September 2nd, 2014 at 02:13am