Ah. Ah. Ah.

So. Sex.

A topic people, well I, seem to talk about a decent amount of this platform.

When I usually talk about sex I talk about it from a very personal route in a way to really dissect and pick at myself and my own sexuality and who I am as a sexual being in a very word vomit type of way. (i.e: Of Lingerie & Intimacy)

Then I started to think about my Relationships blog I made about a month ago.

(Little sidebar, was gonna attach a litter adulthood blog in here, but I'll just make a separate post for that.)


Sex. In the mass population sense.

Sex, just like relationships, can be a very productive, enjoyable thing.

But with that, I must also pose the question

When did sex become so important?

Not "Oh! I really like having sex in my life/relationship/whatever" important.

But life consumingly important that people feel forcefully inadequate and less full as people because they lack in sexual department.

And vice versa for people who constantly have sex.

Like, sex is such a clusterfuck.

Just like relationships, no one should feel forced into being sexual or feeling "Oh if someone doesn't fuck me by this age I'm good/pretty/xyz enough!"

Nah, bruh.

I think it takes a long time, kinda going off on a personal tangent, but not having people want you in a sexual matter (when you want to be seen as one) is not the end of the world.

It may not happen now, but it will happen. Just wait on it if you want it. (or if you honestly just don't give a fuck who you fuck, ask around. someone will say yes.)

Sex shouldn't feel like a task or an achievement of worth.

It should be awesome.

Like don't stress about that dick or that pussy.

Am I making sense?

Like sex isn't a make or break thing. People live full, loving lives without sex. It isn't needed but a lot of people want it.

So go head and get it.

But get it for the right reasons.

Don't think that when you have sex it's going to be this knee-weaking, fireworks exploding, back breaking, OH! moment when the main reason you chose to lay with someone for reasons that just weren't right.

Am I getting preachy?

I feel like I'm getting preachy.

So, to just wrap it up, don't worry about sex and making it seem like a big crisis if you're a virgin or not getting it as much as you like.

I feel this is more geared towards younger teens to early adults...?

Like sex is always good if you can, consentingly, get it.

It's better with someone you care for.

or getting paid for it

Or someone who can laugh with you. (which could be found in the someone you care for)

Also, little tip for people who question who they should sleep with, if you look at the person you're sleeping with and imagine having a child that turns out to be exactly like the person you're sleeping with, would you be happy?

Don't shit or psych out people who choose to be abstinent, by the way. Whatever choice they make is theirs and it's valid and they have the right to keep it or change it. That just came to my mind cause I just remembered a blog I read here a month or so ago and people were like "Well...what if..." in the comments.

Like, no. Please don't.

Same goes for people who constantly have sex and/or choose to be sex workers.

I probably feel like I missed a few major points, but I don't think people care about my voice anyway.

And I also have a little feeling someone is gonna fight me over this blog.

We'll see.
September 12th, 2014 at 01:25am