Twitter: You Know You're Reading a Bad Fan Fic When...

I think by now everyone knows that I love Twitter but hate actually using it. Thus, another one of my Mibba Twitter accounts had been born. This time, it is in honor of all those bad fan fiction moments that made us realize we were reading a bad fan fic. May they all rest in peace.

@YouKnowYou'reReadingABadFanFicWhen: The first line of the story is: "Hi, my name is (insert name) and this is my story."

@YouKnowYou'reReadingABadFanFicWhen: Tongues are wrestling for dominance.

@YouKnowYou'reReadingABadFanFicWhen: Everyone the character has ever loved is dead. Like, really dead. Bonus points if it was in a car accident.

@YouKnowYou'reReadingABadFanFicWhen: Eyes are referred to as orbs. And not the ghost kind.

@YouKnowYou'reReadingABadFanFicWhen: The character does whatever they want, whenever they want, and the parental figure doesn't character.

@YouKnowYou'reReadingABadFanFicWhen: People start playing spin the bottle. And no one knows where the bottle came from.

@YouKnowYou'reReadingABadFanFicWhen: The character hates the band but their friend gives them a front row ticket even though they just complain the whole time.

@YouKnowYou'reReadingABadFanFicWhen: Every single time someone cooks it erupts into a food fight.

@YouKnowYou'reReadingABadFanFicWhen: The main characters meet at a cemetery, where the main character's parents are buried.

@YouKnowYou'reReadingABadFanFicWhen: People have sex in very public places without anyone noticing.

@YouKnowYou'reReadingABadFanFicWhen: People have sex in very public places and someone notices but they think it's cute.

@YouKnowYou'reReadingABadFanFicWhen: The main character works for the band but absolutely hates them.

@YouKnowYou'reReadingABadFanFicWhen: A penis is referred to as a member.

@YouKnowYou'reReadingABadFanFicWhen: Someone ends up in a coma.

@YouKnowYou'reReadingABadFanFicWhen: The main character has abusive parents so the fan fic interest invites them to move in.

@YouKnowYou'reReadingABadFanFicWhen: Starbucks drinks are described in more detail than anything else.

@YouKnowYou'reReadingABadFanFicWhen: The main character gets pregnant... with twins.

@YouKnowYou'reReadingABadFanFicWhen: Anyone begs for entrance into anything.

@YouKnowYou'reReadingABadFanFicWhen: The POV changes every 10 words.
September 13th, 2014 at 01:35am