Oh, hey!

I should be finishing my homework right now.

I did my Stat and I'm almost done with my Psych and I gotta print and do my Gov't.

Wow. Abbreviations.

Anyway. I'm clearly not.

Instead I'm halfway watching my phone take 309293 years to update (Well, right now it's 28 hours)

And I'm thinking of my fall moves on this site. I'm probably going to change my theme on this site by the end of this week. Probably a dark, neutral minimalist palette. I'm really into that now.

I also have a fall/winter story. As of right now I'm calling it For David. I'll probably update photos and the layout of it. Idk.

It kinda goes back to my older writing stuff, I guess? Like it's a darker romance and not really messy. In short, honestly, a girl got in her feelings and just had to find an excuse to release all of them along with some other stuff.

So,yeah. There's that.

Ugh. Back to homework, I guess.

See y'all later.

Bye. <3
September 18th, 2014 at 12:13am