Music Survey

Totally overthinking and half-way procrastinating an essay that's due tomorrow because I'm a perfectionist asshole who just can't form words so hey!

Let's do a survey I was tagged for! Two people tagged me. I love them, they're cool.

Let's do this!

What are the first 15 songs that play on shuffle?

1. Youth - Daughter
2. Meteor Shower - Owl City
3. Wonderful (feat. Josh Osho) - Childish Gambino
4. Still Sane - Lorde
5. III. Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" By Llyod) - Childish Gambino
6. Boss (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) - Tinashe
7. Just A Touch - AlunaGeorge
8. One More Night - Maroon 5
9. Heaven - Beyoncé
10. Life of the Party - The Weeknd
11. Killer - Dev
12. And I Drove You Crazy - BANKS
13. Ode to Her - Mar
14. Dress On - Justin Timberlake
15. Georgia - Emily King

Why do you like the first song?

I like that it's so relatable, you know? Like I feel someway, somehow everyone can just kind of connect or resonate with it.

Who does the second song remind you of?

For some reason, Wall-E

Name your favorite lyric from the third song.

'Cause everything was always "Show me what you're made of"
And everybody knew somebody who was laid up

Do you have any special memories attached to the fourth song?

Winter? Idk. Very winter song for me.

Do you relate personally to the fifth song?

I feel like I do. So, yeah.

Does/would your grandmother listen to the sixth song?

HA. Good one.

What did you think when you first heard the seventh song?

This is the fucking best.

What color does the eighth song remind you of?

I don't know.

What is the ninth song about?

Somebody died. People who have the visual album and have seen the video (like I have) believe it correlates to a possible miscarriage Beyoncé had, but the video has her and one of her top dances being best friends and the dancer, possibly, lost her child and husband. So, yeah. Death.

Does the tenth song get stuck in your head easily?

Not really. Probably because I haven't been in a The Weeknd mood lately.

Would you play the eleventh song for a toddler and not feel guilty?

Yeah. I don't think the song is super bad.

Is the singer of the twelfth song hot?
BANKS is a motherfuckin' model. I swear if she didn't sing she would be a model or something. BEAUTY.

What part of your life does the thirteenth song best describe?

Nothing? Lol no one loves me enough to sing an ode to me.

Does the fourteenth song have a cool music video?


How old is the fifteenth song?

About 2 years? *goes to check* Yeah, like 2-3. Still good, though.

Which of these is your favorite?

All of them, but Tinashe & Mar & BANKS are my top 3 right now.

Your least favorite?

Probably Killer by Dev. Haven't listened to it in a bit.

Have any of these made you cry?

Heaven. The video can kill you in the feels department.

Lastly, tag 3 friends to play along!

September 19th, 2014 at 04:30am