I Need Your Help

Okay so lately I've had one of those periods where I have nothing but creative ideas coming to me all day long. Essentially, I cannot do all of these ideas all at once. There are several story pages in my home page just waiting to be done, but I don't know what to do. There are like eight of them in there just sitting because I have so many that I'm still working on, but it drives me nuts not knowing what I want to do, or if I'm ever going to do them.

So basically people of mibba, I need your help. I've got a combination of fanfictions as well as original stories that I want you guys to help select write. My job is to list them here and explain them a bit and then you guys would be super amazing if you left a comment with just your top two that you would rather read.

I will love you forever if you help okay.

Original Ideas

Legend of the Alliance- I got this idea from both Guardians of the Galaxy and Enders Game. Essentially I've gone through A LOT of planning for this story and I will do it eventually because of how much I've gone through for the concept. The most basic summary of what this is, is that kids are tested and selected at a very young age across different galaxies to attend schools called Guards in order to train for different positions based on their talents to defend this alliance between galaxies against forces outside of the alliance. I don't want to get into the different characters and such, but I can say that one character is a stubborn boy who causes a lot of problems for his commanding officer, who is a girl and who is a play rule by rule person. So there's that.

Four- A story where basically these Four people were pulled out of school when they were little because they passed a test that everyone wants to fail. They were raised in labs and tested in this crazy facility until they discovered that they have these super stranger super human abilities and they started to discover that they each represent a form of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and they escape the labs and try to hide. The reason they're under captivity is because people want to keep them in control because they think they'll start the apocalypse of the known world. So basically these four people are on the run and start figuring out how to ruin the governments around the world that are lying to citizens. Like vigilantes.

Cracked Mirrors- A witch story, basically. This old family sacrificed a bunch of their coven to give three witches an insane amount of power that no witch should ever have in order to wipe out all covens that wouldn't submit to them. Another coven, in attempt to discourage the three, does the same thing and creates three boys that has the same ability but is supposed to be bigger. So basically... battle of the covens woot woot.

Fanfiction Ideas

Lion Hearts- A Luke Castellan story from the Percy Jackson world. I wanted to do this thing where it's like FAR into the future and Luke is brought back to life by the Roman god Mercury (Hermes) and he's given a second chance to do right and pay his debt in the Roman camp for payment for his faults in the Greek camp. So he goes there and he meets this girl who is a Praetor and she instantly knows who he is cause she's like a great great descendent of Percy Jackson and basically something is attacking the camp and to prove himself he has to go on a mission with her to figure out what the fuck is going on. Super simple concept, lots of cool Roman warrior and God shit.

Recalibration- A Steve Rogers story that happens after the second movie but doesn't follow the comics at all. If you're super into the comics, you probably won't enjoy it because I WILL get stuff wrong and things will be super different and I don't want that to bother you. But essentially, I have this idea that Bucky had a sister who was taken as leverage to get him to cooperate when he was in Hydra, but a different organization infiltrates Hydra and takes her when she's in cryofreeze before she was ever woken up. And they basically wake her to find out she's legit a living weapon and nonsense so Steve and Bucky try to get back our brainwashed warrior back.

Silhouettes- A Jordan Parish story (from teen wolf) that follows the fourth season. Super easy because I'm only adding a little bit to the plot that is my own, like a few characters and a little bit of a different arch. My girl would be a legendary Cait Sith that is called in to help find Derek but she starts finding out a lot more and they need her to help out with the whole dead pool/ benefactor situation. I've got it all worked out but I don't want to divulge a lot because some people haven't seen season four and such.

Unnamed- I came up with this idea a little while ago but it really came in full effect tonight. So far it's kind of my brain child and it's my favorite. But I just saw the Maze Runner and I really like the idea of doing a Pre-Thomas story where it's in the first year that people land in the Maze and that this girl is one of the first few people. It would be a Newt story because I love Newt and he's my favorite in the book. (I have read the book so don't worry, I know how to do it) and I basically want to write all about leading up to how they got the systems going and how they began The Glade. I've got super ideas for this one too, but I don't want to give anything away!

And that's about it. So if you want to leave in the comments or even shoot me a message to talk about any of these and tell me which ones you think I should pursue, I would be forever thankful. I have too many ideas and I eventually want to do them all, but other than writing for myself, I also write to share my ideas with people, so I want to know what ideas the people really want.

I love you all. Bye.
September 21st, 2014 at 02:59am