Thoughts on Being Bi

I'm bisexual. You know, that one where you're attracted to both men and women. Even though I'm twenty, I'm still not out to my parents or anyone I know, because I don't see my sexuality as being such a huge deal.

Yeah, sure, I like sex, and I have to admit that without it, we're pretty much doomed as a species--well, without heterosexual sex, anyway, but I don't see it as the philosophical be all and end all of human experience. We are not just our sexuality, we're a product of thousands of little things that have coincided to make a complete human being.

That being said, I still think about stuff like this. I have a theory about parents who say they're okay with LGBTQ people--quite often what they mean isn't that they're completely okay with people who are anything but heterosexual. What they really mean is that they're okay with other people's kids being LGBTQ, because deep down they're still hoping for biological grandkids.

This is the reason why so many parents get nervous when their kid comes out as gay. After all, it's not such a big deal when it's someone else's kid, but here it is, on their doorstep. The so-called gay agenda has arrived right here in their house, and I think this makes a lot of parents more than a little nervous. I'm not entirely sure why the idea that someone might not enjoy sex in quite the same way they do would be something to be nervous about--this can be said of more or less everyone; just about everyone has certain kinks that other people simply lack, even within their own sexual identity groups.

So I guess my theory is that a lot of people are hypocrites, which is of course a no duh statement. Everyone's a hypocrite to some extent or another. It's really a question of how much of a hypocrite you are, really.

Okay, end of rant.
September 24th, 2014 at 09:50am