Things That Turn Me off From a Story

1. No layout
This may seem like a dumb thing to make me not want to read, but when there is a cute layout that you've put some thought and time into, it really makes it more meaningful. It says you know exactly what mood you want your reader to feel. If it's a sad story, a dark theme. A happy one, well why don't you put a sunny little background and some bright colors. The layout generator is cake to use, guys, so take advantage.

2. No character profiles/pictures
Own your characters! This is your story! I want to know exactly who this person is. I understand not writing a huge description in the characters tab, but at least a picture if you do a nice job of describing him/her throughout the story.

3. Jumbled paragraphs
Stories that don't have proper spacing or everything just runs together is a huge turn off. It's hard to read and everything runs together. I end up not absorbing any of it because I'm concentrating on how annoying trying to hold my place is.

4. Characters with no depth
Yes, I know it's easy to write about the perfect girl with the perfect life and tons of money, but that's not realistic, and you're going to get bored writing about her. Trust me, I know from experience.

5. The same backstory
Having been abused by her ex, abusive parents who never loved her, and the outcast in high school are all over played.

6. Lacking imagination
When writing fiction, your endless imagination is your only limit. Anything can happen so think hard and make magic happen! We are all capable of it as writers. This is one thing I definitely struggle with so when I see an author who is a pro, it's very inspiring. So let's keep inspiring others by making something so out of the ordinary happen in our stories.
September 25th, 2014 at 09:49pm