Charlie Mcdermott (The Middle)

So, I was watching The Middle and was thinking about the oh so amazing Charlie Mcdermott, whom plays Axl Heck. I wanted to read some fanfiction about him but, as it turns out, he is very under rated, which is very unfair. So, I was wondering how many Charlie McDermott. fans are out there there thinking the same. Then maybe enough people can create fanfictions and keep them going. If even one person agrees to help spread Charlie McDermott fanfiction around then I will create stories about him also. [img][term]=Charlie%20McDermott%202014&amp;filters[primary]=images&amp;filters[secondary]=videos&amp;sort=1&amp;o=16[/img] Isn't He just adorable? Please help me spread it! To any/all fanfiction sites!!</p>
September 26th, 2014 at 01:54am