Bones (Death of Sweets)

want to know what everyone else thinks, those that are fans of this show. I have been watching for so long and to be honest it was all because of Dr.Sweets character that I watched. Bones has been kind of like an elevator with it's episodes, some episodes are ok, most are forgettable, and I know a lot of people are trying to compare Sweet's death to Nigel's the intern killed off on season 6 but to me their death's are night and day. Sweets has been on the show as a main cast member since season 4 and has a lot of fans, and now I know they had made an announcement about this being Bones last season, well guess what? Killing off such a beloved character for the premiere of season 10 will get them exactly that, so no worries, because I have no desire to watch anymore of it. All it will be is a painful reminder of Sweet's death and that will be it.
September 28th, 2014 at 05:45pm