Step Right up and Grab a Treat From My Cauldron, if You Dare

It's that time of the year again. Halloween :D so I'm jumping on the treat bowl trend because I'm pretty sure I never finished it last year lol.

The only rule I havd is:
Please be patient.

I work and I have a one year old to care for so I'm not always on Mibba but I'm really going to try to get this done this year.


Candy corn: Choose this to get three story recomendations of your choice.
Caramel apple: Choose this to get one story comment on either a one shot or a story with five or less chapters.
Snickers: Choose this for a user recommendation.
Marshmellow pops: Choose this for a picture comment.
Ghost lollipops: Choose this for a blog written about you as an suthor AND a story of yours of my choosing.

Halloween related things:

Bats: Choose this for a chance to be featured in my Motionless in White story titled Dead as Fuck.
Spider ring: Choose this and I'll write you a one shot of whatever fandom of your choosing.
Witches broom: Choose this for a user rec, picture comment, three story recs and a comment on a story. *only three of these are available*

That's it! Happy haunts loves
September 28th, 2014 at 09:02pm