Mibbaween Candy Bowl

Hello all. As some of you may know, my favorite holiday ever is Halloween. So of course, every year I do a candy bowl. Because I have learned the past two years that people are super selfish and request a million things, I've come up with some strict limitations on my give aways this year.

I know you're probably thinking this takes the fun out of it, but here is why: Everyone always asks for too much, and gives little. A lot of people have ruined it for everyone, so I have had to come up with things that aren't as glorious as I've had past years, and I'm super sorry for that. But every year I'm overwhelmed and I'm determined this year to not be.

So, Rules:

1. You may only get one treat this year, unless it is a combination of a story and blog recc.
2. You are doing a halloween bowl. Too many years people go around taking treats but give none. You will not get your candy until I've seen that you've got a blog giving away stuff too!
3. Just have fun in selecting. Don't take something because you think it benefits you. Take it because you think it's cool.


Sour Patch Kids: These sour then sweet treats are limited to three this year. I'm a broke college student so I can't buy many. These are a single, 200 word minimum on ONE story of your choosing. 3/3

Snickers: These are for those who aren't you when you're hungry. These are limited to four 10 song playlists for one story of your choosing. If you choose this treat, I'll message you with a few questions and create a master playlist to fit the theme of your story.

Reeses: Peanut butter and chocolate delights are limited to three this year. This is the option of a layout for you all, my own making. If you want to see the different kinds of layouts I do, go through my story pages, though a lot of my recent ones aren't on my active pages. (You can message me for further examples of my work) Upon selection of this, I will message you for details.

Milky Ways: These out of this world treats are limit to two this year. This will be a blog dedicated to my reaction and rec to one story of your choosing. I will also be messaging you to ask you questions about your story.

Skittles: These are unlimited this year, taste the rainbow guys. These are story recs to ONE story of your choosing.

M&Ms: These are unlimited this year, so enjoy some goodness with recs two any ONE blog of your choosing.

Keep in mind
-I do not enjoy slash
-I do not enjoy abusive stories i.e rape, physical
-If I feel as though for some reason I cannot recommend, comment on, or promote your story or blog, I reserve the right to do so, but I'll message you and talk to you about it and find a different alternative. You will still get a treat
-This is me doing this for fun for my friends. If you don't know me well, maybe take some of the candy that isn't as grand, and at least let my mibba friends that I talk to all the time take some of the cooler candy.
-This is also me doing this in my fall semester of college, so I may need the entire month of October to complete these
-Halloween is the best time of the year, so have fun this October, I hope you have a spootackular time!!
September 29th, 2014 at 12:53am