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Time: 6:36 p.m.
Date: 09.30.14
Tunes: Crushcrushcrush // Paramore
Mood: Mixed emotions

So, hey everybody! *flails around excitedly, waving frantically*

Today, my mom got wifi again so I'm reconnected with the world without having to use my phone's hot spot. WHEW

Also, one of my best friends moved in with me and my life makes sense now. I decorated my room with Christmas lights to save energy, and so far, energy is being saved successfully. Also, I recently coloured my hair blueeeeee c:


But for the real update!

So, I haven't been updating Emma as much because of the whole wifi situation, but now that I have wifi again I will be updating more. Also, I have a new story up! It's a co-write with BringMeTheFuentes so y'all should check it out! It's called Auschwitz, and I'm stoked to be writing with someone I haven't written with before so this will be an interesting turn out!

Also, I will be revamping a couple of old stories! I'm not quite sure as to what which stories I want to revamp will be, but just be on the look out!

I'm kind of going through some relationship issues right now. Like, okay, so he wasn't exactly being the boyfriend he said he was going to be, and this went on for a while, like almost two weeks, Then, yesterday he started acting like he wanted to be boyfriend and that he wanted to stay with me, but I realized that while he wasn't being a boyfriend to me, I fell out of like with him. It sucks because I wanted it to work out so bad, and we had such a good relationship, but things happen that cause break ups. I feel bad for not having feelings for him anymore, but honestly, I can't keep forgiving him for the same thing he does at the end of every month. It's not fair to me to keep holding on to something that's bringing me down.

One of my friends brought it to my attention that even though we had a cute relationship, that's nothing compared to how he was treating me. I felt like every time I texted him, I was bothering him but it doesn't matter anymore because I don't have feelings for him anymore. It's hard, and frustrating but I know everything will be okay in time.

But, anyway that's everything for now so keep on shining guys!
October 1st, 2014 at 12:36am