not excited.

okay this is a completely pointless journal, so stop readin if u dont wanna hear it..

Okay so my mom has to work in the morning for more hours, no big deal. but the thing is i have to ride the bus and i really don't want to. i don't know anybody coz' im pretty new here and i'm not gonna be comfortable around so many people i don;t know.

but nobody reads my stories! i know i'm just whining like everyone else and people might actually be reading them, but i want comments. so if your interested, heres the links, and if you read, please, comments so i know how there going.

But It's Better if You Swear to Shake it Up.

My Night With Your Nephew

The One I Want

Mistakes in the dark turn to blessings in the light
September 19th, 2007 at 08:10am